You are a Pope!
Residuum - World Tour 2005

Netstockfest 2005 - Liveset

Chat during my performance

(Note: I was taking part in the beginning and the end of the chat as Bootie.)

[Bootie] ok, the glitches you will hear will be part of my performance. that means, my pc's contribution to my performance ;)
[Oscar.redmond] residium you better be dancable.. everything is at this point so..
[_rq] haha... we... though it's pretty sad there are very very little female electro nerds
[derweissse] LOL, i guess, he won't be that danceable
[paraquit01] I like some unexpected things like in the beginning of k32 it adds up to it
[derweissse] but, who knows
[derweissse] wait for mhpb then
[derweissse] or well
[Oscar.redmond] sex while you dance para.. think about it
[derweissse] i guess, bootie can get quite funky
[Bootie] well, at the end my set might be danceable.
[Oscar.redmond] better be Bootie ar I'll dance anyway
[Bootie] hehe.
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[Oscar.redmond] here we go
[derweissse] :)
[Bootie] i'll punish them with lots of samples.
[paraquit01] you donot want to know about my sex you would be ewxhausted after my days of wotk luckily not every day
[Bootie] and glitches.
[Bootie] and stuff.
[_rq] stuff sounds good
[paraquit01] yeah and no glitches here
[zeiss contarex] tension rises...
[Oscar.redmond] woo
[zeiss contarex] gimme NOISE!
[psy-sci] NEXT!
[Oscar.redmond] bootie you better rock us
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[zeiss contarex] you will... wont you?
[psy-sci] u better
[Conv] noize!
[Oscar.redmond] less talk more music
[derweissse] ahhhhhh :)
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[derweissse] there he is
[Conv] yeahh
[blu_aqua] residuum
[Oscar.redmond] I can't deal with the buffer shit right now
[psy-sci] [link to picture deleted]
[psy-sci] ^bootie
[paraquit01] thnxs dennis that was really great
[_rq] hey, he's got the machine that always makes "bing"
[zeiss contarex] lol
[psy-sci] no no
[psy-sci] its "BLING"
[Oscar.redmond] is that bootie spy?
[psy-sci] yes
[paraquit01] but I am really of to bed now. see youi all tomorrow
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[psy-sci] bootie in lab30
[derweissse] [link to picture deleted] <---- hehehehe
[_rq] ok, goodnight paraquit
[psy-sci] :]
[psy-sci] <3
[Oscar.redmond] is that a lennon shirt?
[psy-sci] i believe so
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[Oscar.redmond] commie fuck lol
[paraquit01] you wouldn't own that
[Oscar.redmond] I like your shit bootie... no dance moves come to mind though
[derweissse] buffering sux.........................................
[Oscar.redmond] it'll fix itself .. always does
[maisound] ANDY YOU'RE THE NEXT :))))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[MHPb_lv] yup
[Oscar.redmond] ding... rosonate
[maisound] GO MAN GO!!!!
[maisound] not now I mean
[maisound] :)
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[derweissse] shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[maisound] lol
[svendelux] is this the man with the mega headphones?
[Oscar.redmond] heroine
[Oscar.redmond] that'd be nice
[maisound] ??????
[derweissse] nope, that's Bootie/residuum
[svendelux] no
[Conv] yeah
[Conv] heroin
[Conv] velvet underground
[maisound] velvet underground
[Oscar.redmond] yeah
[svendelux] bootieboy
[maisound] ????
[svendelux] nice
[maisound] remixed?
[svendelux] ok... need to get some more beers then
[Conv] sampled
[Oscar.redmond] makes me feel like a man
[Conv] the first chords, the intro
[maisound] ok get some more weed then
[Oscar.redmond] going to nullify my life
[maisound] =)
[Conv] "when i put the spite into my vain"
[derweissse] thomas is a master of bootleg mixing
[_rq] damn, you're all such nerds :P
[Oscar.redmond] nerd you.. nerd
[bumblebee..] when are you playing _rq?
[Oscar.redmond] I'll tell you things aint; quite the same
[_rq] i'm not playing... unfortunately ^^
[Oscar.redmond] when I'm rush and on my run
[Oscar.redmond] and I feel like jesus son
[Conv] yeah
[_rq] i was too lazy and too much of a n00b
[Oscar.redmond] and I guess I just don't know
[maisound] I love velvet
[Oscar.redmond] here too
[Conv] and here
[maisound] they were just great
[Oscar.redmond] lonesome cowboy bill
[psy-sci] bootie and friends <3
[psy-sci] [link to picture deleted]
[maisound] [link to picture deleted]
[maisound] [link to picture deleted]
[maisound] [link to picture deleted]
[Oscar.redmond] bootie you need a shave
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[zeiss contarex] lots of downloading..
[zeiss contarex] really LOTS of downloading
[_rq] hello world
[Oscar.redmond] much
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[digitusimputics] nice
[derweissse] download
[Conv] lol
[Conv] cool
[Oscar.redmond] stoned oned oned oned
[psy-sci] download
[Conv] lol
[zeiss contarex] what a fucking huge lot of downloading
[psy-sci] download
[psy-sci] download
[psy-sci] downloading
[Saskiadoll] lol at the pic
[Oscar.redmond] torrents?
[maisound] downloading what?
[psy-sci] download
[Conv] it's great, lol
[psy-sci] download
[psy-sci] download
[psy-sci] download
[maisound] what???
[Elmooht] wtf :P
[radfaraf] loaddown pls
[maisound] =)
[psy-sci] lots of downloadin
[psy-sci] download
[psy-sci] download
[psy-sci] download
[psy-sci] download
[psy-sci] download
[zeiss contarex] how srt
[Saskiadoll] wtf matt
[digitusimputics] downloading steve reich
[zeiss contarex] omg
[Oscar.redmond] he must be buzy
[Oscar.redmond] downloading
[zeiss contarex] he must be stoned as fuck
[Conv] lol
[Oscar.redmond] forgot about us
[psy-sci] i think he is downloading
[Oscar.redmond] no biggie .. get your file man
[Conv] lol
[_rq] or he's getting some beer :D
[zeiss contarex] instead of caring for the audience
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[Oscar.redmond] I love this
[Elmooht] i hate this :P
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[zeiss contarex] i´ll propably download the mp3 later
[psy-sci] mp3
[psy-sci] mp3
[Oscar.redmond] It's definatly not dancable
[psy-sci] mp3
[psy-sci] mp3
[_rq] 3
[psy-sci] mp3
[Saskiadoll] mp3mp3mp3mp3mp3
[Saskiadoll] lol
[zeiss contarex] it´s downloadable
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[_rq] haha
[MHPb_lv] downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3 downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3 downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3downloadmp3 downloadmp3download
[zeiss contarex] FUCK this is great
[Saskiadoll] lol
[Oscar.redmond] later on the archive.. download it\
[derweissse] anybody was lookin for all POP music @ netstock?
[maisound] DOES HE WORK AT ARCHIVE????
[derweissse] learned yr lesson then
[maisound] =)
[Saskiadoll] lol
[derweissse] :)
[_rq] shm rocked ^^
[maisound] lol
[Elmooht] this guy has down syndrome
[Saskiadoll] :o
[Oscar.redmond] no this is nice I love it
[Oscar.redmond] Live
[Kernel32] download syndrome
[Oscar.redmond] download
[zeiss contarex] downloading is the neue drone
[Elmooht] ahhaha ya
[Oscar.redmond] money?
[zeiss contarex] more downloading, please
[digitusimputics] This is good
[Oscar.redmond] I love butters and daffy
[maisound] tv show
[Saskiadoll] lol matt has been banned
[Saskiadoll] :D
[Oscar.redmond] man I think I have a bug infestation here
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[Oscar.redmond] EXILED?
[Saskiadoll] yes
[Saskiadoll] for 30 mins
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[maisound] lol
[Oscar.redmond] he'll be back
[Oscar.redmond] Bootie has balls the size of watermelons
[maisound] loooooolllll
[Oscar.redmond] jump
* derweissse actually LOVES this
[Oscar.redmond] same here
[zeiss contarex] me as well
[zeiss contarex] excellent work
* maisound is appreciating, but he's just joking
[Oscar.redmond] yeah the humour is there
[maisound] yeah
[Oscar.redmond] three
[maisound] it's art after all
[Oscar.redmond] yes it is
[Saskiadoll] matt can see us but we cant see him
[_rq] i like that strange sample
[Oscar.redmond] lo0l
[Saskiadoll] vweird
[zeiss contarex] it´s MUSIC. fuck art.
[digitusimputics] Resdiuum is member of Snuggles list, like myself
[digitusimputics] This is very snuggly music
[Oscar.redmond] if you fuck you get Mart
[Oscar.redmond] makes me want to slit my wrist but that's what I like about it
[zeiss contarex] this makes me look forward to playing my set tomorrow
[derweissse] anybody said this would be some pop music thing?
[Conv] hehe
[svendelux] lol
[_rq] deja-vu
[MHPb_lv] yoiks and away
[maisound] pop like in "pop art"
[maisound] I guess
[Oscar.redmond] pop the cherry on pop music with ... mart
* derweissse goes to roll another j for the pop art
* Conv possibly too
[zeiss contarex] same here
[maisound] it reminds me of some popart pictures actually
[maisound] same here anyway
[maisound] never smoke alone
[Conv] lol
[svendelux] wack
[svendelux] nerdstockfest <3
[psy-sci] i am back
[Kernel32] bootie is nuts
* DOD5 realy likes this set
[psy-sci] no bootie is ass
[svendelux] absolutely and i love it
[Oscar.redmond] it msy help to stare at the photo of hin in the lennon shirt to get it... lol
[psy-sci] or bootie is pirate treasure
[Oscar.redmond] for any audiences
[psy-sci] coming up soon andy will crap on your eary
[psy-sci] here is a preview
[psy-sci] [link to picture deleted]
[Oscar.redmond] thats the one
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[Oscar.redmond] or it is possible that /me a little to much alkihol
[psy-sci] just imagine a microphone placed stretegically
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[svendelux] alcohol ohoy!
[psy-sci] hes going to try to do a 50 minute fart
[svendelux] cheers oscar
[Oscar.redmond] no I really am enjoying it though
[Oscar.redmond] cheers
[psy-sci] which im sure would be a world record
[Oscar.redmond] lool
[svendelux] sex in music is always good
[Oscar.redmond] pounding I forget your name sex
[Oscar.redmond] you like that bitch?
[Oscar.redmond] heres more
[maisound] ok NOOOOOWWWW !!!!!!
[maisound] :D
[Oscar.redmond] ; )
[svendelux] wait for the orgasm
[svendelux] :-)
[Elmooht] B=========D
[Oscar.redmond] where he explodes into more transient sex
[svendelux] lol
[Oscar.redmond] she's lovin or hatin
[Conv] lol
[Oscar.redmond] can;t tell
[Conv] it's very close!
[maisound] lol
[xxsneyda] re
[_rq] wb
[maisound] okokokokokokok
[maisound] nownownownownowno
[maisound] gogogogogogogo
[maisound] yesyesyesyesyesyes
[Conv] lo
[Conv] l
[svendelux] maisound... tell your mommy to go to sleep
[Oscar.redmond] this is a real nice sample set
[Conv] totally
[xxsneyda] porn sound?
[Oscar.redmond] wowo
[maisound] wowowowo
[maisound] okkkkk
[Oscar.redmond] who's frank bitch
[maisound] can I have a cigarette please?
[svendelux] sounded like Hal to me
[maisound] lem me light a cigarette now
[Oscar.redmond] that is diferent
[svendelux] oh.. disco music :-)
[Oscar.redmond] dancable? I think so.. see you in ten
[maisound] HAL? the computer of 2001 Space Odissey?
[svendelux] yes mai
[_rq] sounds a bit like esel records
[maisound] you know why they called it HAL?
[_rq] hehe...
[maisound] really, I'm not joking
[maisound] it's because they wanted to celebrate IBM (or maybe IBM sponsered the movie)
[maisound] in fact
[maisound] HAL
[maisound] each letter is the letter before I B and M
[_rq] nah
[svendelux] hackers at large
[_rq] actually the legend is they wanted to critizise ibm
[maisound] ah ok
[svendelux] probably
[_rq] but they officially insisted that it's a mere coincidence
[_rq] which they obviously have to *g*
[digitusimputics] "they' as in A C Clarke
[svendelux] are you sure mai
[_rq] haha
[svendelux] check this
[svendelux] hehe
[Oscar.redmond] does this appeal to more of you?
[_rq] aciiid
[maisound] chief?
[Conv] acid-esque, yeah
[digitusimputics] not as appealing as shrooms
[svendelux] pff
[Kernel32] mmm shrooms
[digitusimputics] my set is going to be fun
[Oscar.redmond] shrooms acid and e at once.. is nice
[Oscar.redmond] bliss even
[Oscar.redmond] that was nice
[svendelux] just wondering.. its this the world first net music festival ever?
[Kernel32] i havent heard ot net festivals before
[Kernel32] so i hope so
[derweissse] /watches computer
[Oscar.redmond] I suppose thats what the flyer said
[svendelux] me too
[svendelux] pioneer project
[svendelux] what flyer?
* Kernel32 glad to have taken part
[Oscar.redmond] the one on the telephone pole outside mu flat
[svendelux] oh that one
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[Oscar.redmond] No I really think that netlables could pull almost anyone out of the mainstream though
[Kernel32] man i cant believe i managed to prepare my set and play in 4hrs time
[Oscar.redmond] better stuff , more of it
[Kernel32] stupid pc
[Kernel32] wish i'd have had more time
[digitusimputics] did you have a crash?
[svendelux] amazing stuff.. did i say that=
[Oscar.redmond] you did good man.. I can;t wait to get it on the archive
[svendelux] the futture lies ahead alex
[svendelux] only one f in future btw
[maisound] i told him that
[Kernel32] my pc hasn't been workin properly for a few weeks... used to shut down everytime i tried to use ableton or anythin... until 7pm tonight
[xxsneyda] kernel<. buy a mac
* Kernel32 shudders
[digitusimputics] amen
[Conv] buffering
[Kernel32] not a fan of macs
[Oscar.redmond] Kernal I've been drinking redbull vodka all day and you managed to chill me right out
[digitusimputics] Why?
[Kernel32] haha
[Kernel32] dunno.. just dont like em
[svendelux] oscar; that doesnt compute
[svendelux] :-)
[xxsneyda] most ppl like expensive things
[Oscar.redmond] but I love macs .. don;t tell me you're an xp man?
[digitusimputics] that's fine. What do you use now?
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[Oscar.redmond] you're welcome
[Kernel32] yeh xp man
[xxsneyda] lol
[digitusimputics] ahhh.. perhaps try linux
[digitusimputics] the audio tools pantheon is growing
[Oscar.redmond] there is something wrong with that os
[xxsneyda] i like too try unix on mac
[Kernel32] i just like xp coz its the only thing i'm used to
[xxsneyda] -0
[digitusimputics] YellowDogLinux
[Bootie] shit.
[svendelux] where did the sound go?
[Oscar.redmond] yellow submarine linux
[Oscar.redmond] try a mac man
[digitusimputics] a slightly early ending
[Bootie] i wanted to play 2 more tracks.
[derweissse] :(
[svendelux] his mac crashed!
[Oscar.redmond] Bootie you psycho
[maisound] what's wong?
[Saskiadoll] BUFFERING
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[psy-sci] andy now?
[derweissse] no sound
[_rq] :-(
[psy-sci] andy?
[Conv] the same loop and then, buffer 0%
[svendelux] we need roanfa
[psy-sci] andy?
[maisound] Mhbp
[maisound] yep
[svendelux] to fill in the gaps
[Saskiadoll] wtf
[Bootie] that was the problem in the end.
[derweissse] where's M;HPb ???????????????????????????
[Kernel32] bootie is like cassetteboy on crack
[Bootie] k32, maybe.
[Kernel32] hehe
[maisound] just starting
[svendelux] still 12 minutes left
[psy-sci] uh oh
[Oscar.redmond] whats the deal?
[psy-sci] my stream is acting weird
[svendelux] i can play........
[psy-sci] oh here we go
[Oscar.redmond] there we go static
[svendelux] oh here we go
[psy-sci] wait
[psy-sci] no
[Oscar.redmond] hellow
[Oscar.redmond] yeah
[psy-sci] yes
[Oscar.redmond] lol
[psy-sci] we hear u
[svendelux] helleeeww
[psy-sci] <3
[digitusimputics] hehehehehehe
[svendelux] crazy mf!
[Bootie] my pc monitor had a latency of ages.
[derweissse] hello
* Kernel32 <3 this track
[Saskiadoll] oh thats one of the sampl,es of the sss MHPB
[Saskiadoll] :D
* psy-sci <3 @ andys ass
[svendelux] whats this?
[Conv] great bootie
[Oscar.redmond] this is nice
[svendelux] yesh!
[svendelux] cheers oscar
[blu_aqua] megaheadphoneboy is on air
[Bootie] well, as the third track i tried to make loop the guitar of sexual healing and make some weird industrial track.
[maisound] good bootie!
[Bootie] but that didn't work.
[Conv] yeah
* _rq applauds bootie
[_rq] sounded cool, though, really inspiring
Residuum - World Tour 2005
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