You are a Pope!


Post-industrial music for post-industrial people.

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More music is available at Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

2023-08-25: New album Polycriticality

2012-08-18: New album The Age of Bavaria

2011-12-11: New project: Money Talks. Sonifying and visualizing stock market development. First show at Kafe Kunstfest VII.

2009-07-26: Merce Cunningham is dead. So, another track in the Kondolenz EP dedicated to the great choreographer.

2009-02-19: Listen to Schrei-Funk-Fläche

2008-01-11: Listen to RAW's Power: A Requiem

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Music Videos

2009-02-19: Schrei-Funk-Fläche from the album Schrei-Funk-Fläche. Download the video from

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